As the “Spa City” prepares for one of the largest crowd drawing events of the season our news crew took a ride with police.

Friday, we tagged along as police patrolled the 28 and half square mile area. Within 15 minutes their first minor domestic call came in after reports of homeless people going through parked cars.

Sergeant Evan Fort says the majority of calls are like this one, though in this instance it turned out to be unfounded. Along the ride we met with officer Billy McDonough who introduced us to the newest recruit.

“He is a German Shepard. Like I said axel is two years old today”

Sgt fort says the police force has 10 officers on duty for a normal summer weekend but for events like travers, 20 officers will be out in force.

During the patrol, another call came in. This time for a fire. Officers were able to get to the scene quickly and help get everyone out safely.

Sgt. Fort says this is not even the most challenging part of the job.

 “Just got to have thick skin. That is my take on it. Not everyone is going to like me. It is what it is and it’s kinda tough swallow that that they don’t like me because of someone else who does the same job as I did something that maybe I don’t even agree with”.

 Fort reminding the crowds to be responsible.

“Come to Saratoga have a good time see all the different things there are to see here come see the racetrack, Caroline Street the great restaurants have fun just don’t overdo it”

People here in Saratoga can rest assured the city is well protected and can expect to have a fun and safe time in the Spa City. Police say to be responsible is they do not have to get involved.