ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A panel of the NYS Museum’s façade fell off the building on Sunday. Parts of the sidewalk on Madison Avenue remain barricaded Monday.

Albany Common Councilman Richard Conti saw the aftermath on the terrace level of the Empire State Plaza not long after it happened.

“They were big chunks that were scattered on the terrace level, which apparently had fallen from the side of the building,” he told NEWS10 in an interview.

In addition to “chunks” on the terrace, debris fell to street level on Madison Avenue. State police said no one was injured.

The Office of General Services released the following statement:

OGS has mobilized contractors who will be on site today to perform an emergency inspection and develop a remediation plan.  The barricades will remain in place until we have the assurance that the area is safe.

Joe Brill, OGS Public Information Officer

Conti pointed out that the area hit by debris is a popular spot for joggers and walkers.

“Safety first. You want to make sure that there are no structural issues and that everything is safe, but it is an area that is used by a lot of people seven days a week,” said Conti.

Donald Boyajian, a personal injury attorney in Albany told NEWS10 it doesn’t sound like this incident will yield any third party claims since no injuries were reported, but that the state could still make a first party claim against their contractor or architect.

He also noted the state still has a proprietary responsibility as the owner of the building.

“In this case, maintaining your property, the state would have the same duty as any other property owner,” Boyajian said. “It would all be fact-dependent upon what the state knew and when they knew it, concerning the likelihood of this occurring.”