COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As Hurricane Ian continues to barrel towards the West Coast of Florida, some passengers returned to the Capital Region Tuesday ahead of the storm’s landfall. One flight Tuesday morning brought a number of passengers to Albany from Tampa, an area expected to be hit hard.

Fabiane Saggerson was one of the passengers aboard a Southwest flight from Tampa Tuesday morning, “I was in Tampa, close to the beach. I was planning to come back home tomorrow.”

With the storm coming, she switched onto Tuesday’s flight, being able to leave the Sunshine State ahead of Tampa Airport’s afternoon closure.

“I’m glad that I could come this morning because I’m not sure if I would be able to come late in the afternoon,” she explained, adding that she wasn’t sure when she’d be able to return home to Albany if she was forced to wait out the storm.

Saggerson explained an eerie end of her Gulf Coast vacation, as Floridians continued their preparations ahead of the powerful storm.

“Last night I saw everybody close the shops, putting the wood in the walls and the doors, putting the bags of sand in the doors, like protecting themselves. It was so sad, I was scared,” she said.

Ahead of Ian’s landfall, the Albany Airport put out a travel advisory for passengers headed to a number of Florida destinations, alerting them about potential waivers. If you have travel plans to impacted areas, you can contact your carrier to explore options for your trip.