DUANESBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An unexpected and gruesome encounter Monday night is still fresh in the mind of Andrew Noble, a passenger in the vehicle that struck a bobcat that had been hung from an overpass along Interstate 88 in Schenectady County.

“This was next-level kind of bad news mischief,” he said.

Noble was in the passenger seat of his family’s Honda Pilot as they headed back home to Schoharie County from his son’s wrestling match along I-88. As they approached the Schoharie Turnpike Bridge, the car entered the fast lane.

“I was consoling my 10-year-old who had lost a tough match and actually had his knee pop out of his socket during the second round. I had turned back around, I had time to say ‘what the’ and it was in the windshield,” Noble recounted.

The vehicle struck a bobcat that had been hung from the overpass. The impact shattered the SUV’s windshield, damaged the headliner, and dented the roof. Thankfully, Noble, his fiancée, and his son were uninjured.

“Thank God that it hit on my side, the passenger side of the window, so my fiancée was still able to see out of the better half of the windshield,” he said. “We were in traffic and that was the dangerous part of the situation.”

State Police say they believe that he bobcat was already dead before Monday’s collision.

As an avid outdoorsman, Noble is disgusted anyone could do this to an animal. “This was not done by an outdoors person, nobody that cares about wildlife, or domesticated animals, or human life for that matter,” he said. “This is something that was done very maliciously.”

After examining the animal after the collision, he believes it was likely roadkill, and a mischievous prank gone wrong, “I just hope if they see this, that they realize the injuries they could’ve caused, and that they won’t do anything like this in the future.”

State Police are continuing to investigate the condition of the bobcat and how it got to the overpass.