ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A little over a week since dozens of residents at the Parkview Apartments in Albany were displaced following a power outage, their hotel stays are set to continue for another week. The company that owns the building, CRM Rental Management, says they anticipate repairs to be complete by February 22nd.

“We’re just grateful we’re warm and comfortable,” said Patricia Rogers, who lives on the 12th floor at Parkview.

The 12th floor is one of seven still without power. Floors 7-12 lost power last Sunday after the building experienced several burst pipes, with water infiltrating the electrical system.

Rogers spoke with News10 Monday morning, along with William Rathbun. They said they returned to the building to pick up additional clothes and other necessities, and discovered the food in their fridge had all gone bad since last weekend.

“We lost a lot. She spent over $200. Just before it, for food, just before the power outage,” Rathbun explained.

They, and dozens of others, have been staying in hotel rooms in the area since last Sunday. CRM Management told News10 they’ve been working with engineers and electricians to resolve the power issues, with the anticipated operational date of February 22nd.

“They’ve identified the issues, they’ve started to do the repairs that they can do, however they are waiting on a specific part or parts, before they can put it back together and restore the power,” said Richard LaJoy, the Director of Albany’s Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance.

Impacted residents have been staying in hotels on CRM’s dime. LaJoy says the company has been taking care of everything by the book, “The city often ends up footing the bill for these hotel rooms, and we try to go back after the owner to get the money. These folks stepped right up.”

In a statement CRM’s vice president said in part, “We continue to ensure our residents are provided with safe, comfortable alternative accommodations and continue to provide them with ongoing support.”

Parkview residents have also voiced concerns over hot water. LaJoy says there is hot water in the building but that it’s “insufficient”, saying CRM is aware they will have to address that issue at the conclusion of this round of repairs.