CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2005 establishing International Holocaust Remembrance Day as an annual commemoration to honor victims, and develop educational programs to prevent future genocides.

For years, the Holocaust Survivors and Friends Education Center in the Capital Region has been putting together exhibits, holding events, and connecting schools with holocaust survivors to speak to students.

“January 27th was the day of liberation of the biggest death camp of the six death camps, Auschwitz,” the center’s director, Shelly Shapiro said Thursday.

One of many educational pieces Shapiro has been part of presenting is an exhibit that remembers French children of the Holocaust.

“You remember them all, because they tell you that you won’t allow prejudice against anyone,” Shapiro explained, “and if that’s what we do in this country, we will have a better country and a better world.”

In all, about 6 million European Jews and millions of other people were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust. Some 1.5 million were children.

“There were Roma and Sinti in Auschwitz, there were gays in Auschwitz, there were other people who were murdered just because they were different. We can’t allow that. That should be our remembrance,” Shapiro said.