ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York’s restaurant industry continues to struggle through the pandemic, and a group of Republican lawmakers says enough is enough.

“This has been a pandemic issue that has been exacerbated by catastrophic policy,” said Senator George Borrello (R), sponsor of the comprehensive bill.

Borrello said restrictions that New York restaurants have had to comply with—like serving food with alcohol, limiting capacity, and closing indoor dining altogether—have put small businesses in a deep hole. He feels Gov. Cuomo has failed to outline a plan to revive restaurants from these restrictions, so he and fellow Republicans unveiled their own plan to reset the industry.

“My bill proposes a plan that these fines would be turned back to the belabored restaurant industry, to make sure that people who depend on this industry for their jobs can survive,” said Senator Mike Martucci (R), referring to the fines incurred by restaurants who violate regulations brought forth by the pandemic.

“One of the bills,” said Senator Daphne Jordan (R), “is a bipartisan measure that would create a 30-day sales tax exemption for food and drinks sold at restaurants and taverns.”

Other proposed relief measures include exemptions for small businesses from unemployment insurance rate increases due to layoffs, and blocking internet-based food delivery services from overcharging customers.