SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.(NEWS10) – Tonight’s meeting is part two of a discussion on where to place a homeless shelter in the Spa City, after the current suggestion was shot down over concerns it was too close to an elementary school. 

Saratoga Mayor Ron Kim says there will be no homeless shelter at this time. But he has a plan to get the ball rolling. 

“We’re going to appoint a task force tonight that’s really going to look at two questions for us,” said the mayor.

Those questions will cover coming up with a short list of potential sites and finding a responsible agency that can handle the shelter.

Kim says the task force of 10 people will be formed this week. Some chosen by city commissioners, and two of them will be people who truly understand this problem because they, themselves, were once homeless.  

“One of the great things about Saratoga Springs, we have a lot of people who can step up when we need them, and we need them now,” said Kim.

The mayor says the Spa City quality of life is the biggest motivation to place a 24-hour, 365-day homeless shelter.

“Saratoga Springs’ homeless individuals are a growing population; basically, shelter in a garage. It’s inhumane. It’s dangerous for our residents. It’s dangerous for tourists and most importantly dangerous to the homeless people that are there,” said Kim. 

Public safety commissioner Jim Montagnino says safety is concern number one.

“Our plan would include 24/7/365 surveillance video cameras right outside. Also, placement of a patrol officer in that sector,” said the public safety commissioner. 

The task force will meet up again in July to discuss their findings on the placing of the shelter. For now, the homeless shelter remains homeless.