ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—New York State law requires drivers to move over when they see first responders, tow truck drivers, and law enforcement on the side of the road. Now, that law has been expanded even more to include all vehicles that are off to the side.

“When it came to my attention, I actually already thought this was law, meaning that you had to pull over for emergency and non-emergency vehicles,” explained Senator Lea Webb, who sponsored the bill. “This provides continued safety for drivers.”

According to AAA, 37 people in New York State were hit and killed on the roadside between 2016 and 2020. That includes emergency responders, tow truck drivers, and drivers whose vehicles were on the roadside.

Eric Stigberg, a spokesperson for AAA, said this will save lives. He stated, “It simplifies the rules so drivers now know that they need to slow down or move over for any and all vehicles on the side of the road. New York joins 17 other states with the passage of this common sense measure.”

For drivers that have to pull off to shoulder, Senator Webb says the same rules still apply.

“Usually when you pull over, you put your flashers on to indicate that you’re pulled over,” said Webb. “So none of that changes. Those things remain the same. This is just again for folks who are driving on the highways other roadways that if a vehicle is pulled over, you also need to move over for emergency and non-emergency vehicles that are pulled over.”

This law will go into effect in March.