ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With holiday shopping about to begin, there is a new ban on the books when it comes to toy guns in New York. It will be illegal for toy stores and retailers to sell any firearm replicas.

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill on August 16, banning any replica gun that is black or blue in color or covered in aluminum and will not be allowed to be sold anywhere in the state, starting Monday, November 14. Which just happens to be in time for Christmas and just before Black Friday sales begin.

Instead, the replica guns must be brightly colored or entirely translucent. Federal law already requires toy guns have an orange tip or a stripe on both sides of the barrel. According to a memo in the bill Hochul signed, toy guns have been involved in at least 63 shootings, eight of them fatal, since 1994.

NEWS10 has reached out to area law enforcement to check in on how the law will affect policing going forward. We have also reached out to a couple of the Capital Region toy stores and even stopped in to visit one in an area mall. All locations tell NEWS10 they already do not carry any of the guns listed within the ban.

Target and Walmart stores have not responded on how the ban will affect their New York locations. NEWS10 has not heard back from law enforcement or the major chains we reached out to, but we will continue to update you both on air and online at