New mom shares experience of delivering baby during a pandemic

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — There are many soon-to-be moms out there who understandably have a lot of questions and concerns as they prepare to deliver their babies during this pandemic.

Last week, Emily Inman of Queensbury, was one of them. Throughout her whole pregnancy she suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a severe case of “morning sickness”. She tells News10 that towards the end of her pregnancy she was in the Emergency Room at least twice a week. “Then when all of this [COVID-19] happened, that was not an okay place for a 37 week pregnant girl to be,” Inman said.

Together with her doctors, they decided to induce her one week ahead of her due date. She gave birth to a healthy little boy, Weston Nicholas Inman, on March 28th. “I never would have thought that I would be full term pregnant about to have a baby during something like this. So that was really kinda scary.”

One of her biggest concerns was making sure her husband was able to be there for the birth. “That is what I was really freaking out about, like how am I supposed to do this alone?,” she said.

Fortunately, he was able to be by her side, but he was the only one allowed and he was advised not to leave the hospital and try to come back in. Nurses were also checking both of their temperatures frequently.

This is Emily’s second child and said she saw no change in terms of care, in fact, she said her nurses were incredibly supportive and understanding. However, she did notice other differences including an eerily quiet maternity unit and the duration of her stay. For her first child she said she was at the hospital for three days. This time she was in and out within 25 hours. “They didn’t push us out the door, but they really moved things along and made sure as long as he was ok and I was ok then it was good to go,” she said.

She also said she’ll never know what her nurses truly looked like as they were covered in PPE from head-to-toe. “It’s weird to have someone with a shield and a mask, but everyone was really nice, everyone was absolutely great.”

Inman said she likes to walk while laboring or use the laboring tub, but this time she could only walk a portion of the hallway and was not allowed to use the laboring tub.

As for advice for other soon-to-be moms, she said just take it day-by- day, don’t listen to hear-say and be sure to check in with your specific doctor’s office directly to keep your questions answered and your mind at ease. “I called every day and it was kind of soothing for me to know what was going on,” Inman said.

She also suggested stocking up and making sure you have plenty of diapers, wipes and formula before the baby comes. She said she was getting nervous because diapers and wipes were selling out.

She said while she was initially bummed about the “no visitors” rule at the hospital, in the end she was ok with it because she does not want to risk any exposure to either the baby or herself. She said she needs to make sure she stays healthy herself in order to care for her newborn.

Now that they are home safe and sound, the lack of visitors means a lot of FaceTiming with family and friends. Inman is also documenting everything, for what will surely be quite the story for her little boy one day. “His baby book will be interesting! The baby book I have says what’s going on in the world today?,” she said.


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