CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The cost of living is not going down for many in the Capital Region. National Grid announced Wednesday that home heating prices are expected to rise 39% for natural gas and 22% for electric.

“War in Ukraine, energy constraints in Europe, the global inflation and supply chain crisis together, they have fueled the price increases in every sector of the world economy,” Melanie Littlejohn, Vice President for Customer and Community Engagement for National Grid, said.

There are things you can do at home to mitigate a sky-high bill. Reducing the temperature on your thermostat can save one to 3% on your monthly bill. Insulating walls and entryways, keeping up with heating system maintenance and unplugging all electronic devices when they are not being used can all cut down costs.

One Clifton Park family took matters into their own hands. Joanne and Paul Coons modified their house to be all-electric and environmentally friendly.

“We generate our own electricity,” Paul Coons said. “So, we are not even depending on the grid coming in. We run our cars with it, we run the snow blower with it, lawnmowers, everything is electric in the house. We generate pretty much all of the electricity for the whole year through our systems.”

A ground-sourced heat pump, solar panels and electric cars are just some of the innovations the Coons’ have made to cut down costs. They even changed the way they cook, using a magnetic induction range.

“You have to use magnetic pots and pans, so cast iron works really well,” Joanne Coons said. “This uses 40% less electricity than an electric stove.”

The renovations cut their yearly utility costs down by over $3,500. Now, they help others make changes to save money and the environment.

“We’ve given tours to this house for a number of years for national organizations that do solar tours,” Coons said. “We have people from the community coming in, stopping by and saying ‘What have you done and how do you do it?'”

National Grid also helps people find clean heat alternatives by connecting them with specialized contractors. More information on how to access those services can be found on their website.