Memphis authorities have concluded their investigation into the actions of police officers and fire department members in the fatal January arrest of Tyre Nichols, a top Memphis law enforcement official said Tuesday. 

Jennifer Sink, who is the chief legal officer for Memphis, said during a meeting of the city council’s Public Safety Committee that the police and fire departments conducted administrative investigations to determine if any of their members violated department policies in their involvement with Nichols’ arrest and death. 

“At this stage, the investigation has been concluded,” she said. 

Sink said officials are uploading about 20 hours of video and audio from police footage as soon as Wednesday afternoon. 

She said records related to charges that have been filed in the administrative investigations will be released. She said the charges and disciplinary decisions will be made public on Wednesday, and the remaining files will be posted after necessary redactions are made. 

Sink said officials’ investigations led to 13 police officers and four fire department members facing administrative charges. 

In the investigations into the 13 officers, Sink said seven officers were fired, three were suspended, two had charges dismissed and one retired instead of being fired. In the fire department investigations, three members were fired and one was suspended, she said. 

Outrage followed the release of surveillance and body camera footage captured during the Jan. 7 arrest of Nichols, a 29-year-old Black motorist. The video showed Nichols being brutally beaten, pepper-sprayed and hit with a stun gun during the incident. 

Nichols was taken to a hospital and died a few days later on Jan. 10. 

Five Black officers who were involved in the incident were subsequently fired from their positions and charged with second-degree murder. Other officers and fire department officials were also terminated from their positions for their roles in the situation. 

An investigation determined the three fire officials failed to provide adequate care to Nichols after they arrived on the scene.