COBLESKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A powerful snowstorm is making its way through our region, and it promises to deliver plenty of snow. Especially in the higher elevations. 

Capital Region folks have been getting prepared because this is going to be a long duration snowstorm. 

The flakes have been flying since just about 6 p.m. Friday, and the visibility dropping steadily. In Cobleskill, snow was already beginning to stick to the ground. 

With having a few days to prepare for the storm most people tell NEWS10 they are ready. Yet, some are still out getting those last-minute supplies.

“Got to get a shovel. We’ve been delaying it for a while, but finally decided this was the time,” says Tanner Ludwin.

“I am getting dog food, cat food, a dog toy because I get one every time, I come out here. And pellets for the pellet stove,” says Autumn Jones.

One man even came in to get a snowblower while we were here.  

This snowstorm promises some significant snow accumulations until Saturday morning. 

The ground is already becoming extremely slippery. We have seen a few cars sliding down the roadway in downtown Cobleskill.

Because of this, we hope you have your shovels, salt and snow blowers ready to keep you going. Stay tuned to NEWS10 as we continue to cover the storm.