(NEWS10) — A local woman who was one of the first severe cases of COVID-19 in the Capital Region marked a milestone: graduating after her last physical therapy session, months after being hospitalized.

Maya McNulty has come far since her first days at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, when she couldn’t walk after spending a month in a medically induced coma at Ellis Hospital.

She went from wheelchair to walker to a cane but still has other work ahead as she continues to recover from the long-haul effects of COVID-19.

“I am so thrilled because I worked really hard,” Maya said. “From where I was in that dark place to where I’m going, I don’t look back in the rear-view mirror because that’s not where I’m going.”

Maya started a Facebook group for other COVID survivors and their families called COVID Wellness Clinic.

In just a few months more than one thousand people have come together to support each other in their recovery.

For more of Maya’s story watch our profile of her journey to recovery this past November.