FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local girl is making a difference in her community by raising money for a sweet cause to help shelter dogs.

Nine-year-old Kaira Dupuy decided to open a lemonade stand at her mom’s garage sale over the weekend, selling lemonade and cookies for 50 cents.

“Someone came up to my stand and they said, ‘Here’s $2 and you can have it for whatever you’re donating to. You don’t have to give me any lemonade or cookies.’”

That simple conversation sparked an idea. Dupuy immediately knew what she wanted to do with the money she made.

“I have a dog at home that came from an Alabama kill shelter,” said Dupuy. “And they sent him over here, and I adopted him and I just felt like I wanted to help all of the other animals.”

Dupuy decided all of the proceeds would go to the Fulton County Regional SPCA. Her mom made a Facebook post about it, and soon, money kept coming in for this sweet cause.

Within a couple hours, they were sold out, running to the store twice get more lemonade supplies. She ended up raising $212.

Wednesday night, Kaira gave all the money to the shelter, as well as donating a large bag of dog food and toys to help dogs who are still in need of a good home.

“What Kaira did today is super, super special. I’m gonna cry! But that was very nice ‘cuz we really do love our dogs, and we want to take care of them and we can only do it with the generosity of people like Kaira,” explained Toni, who works at the Fulton County Regional SPCA.

Kaira said she feels happy knowing she’s making a difference in the lives of local dogs.

“I’m gonna start doing this almost every year now, so I can help more animals.”