Library adds exercise desk for students

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GREEN BAY, WI. (CNN) — A librarian at a Wisconsin High School wants to make her facility about more than expanding minds.

School librarian Lori Barber introduced the “Exer-Desk” in her library. Some students said it gives them an opportunity to reduce stress while they study.

“I can just rest my arms right here. They have an armrest for your forearms. It engages all your lower muscles, so its really nice to exercise on,” student Ellah Komp said.

The exer-desk is a combination desk and exercise bike.

“It’s been used every hour since we’ve put it up,” Barber said. “I wanted to give the kids a different opportunity to utilize the library and to learn.”

The desk was purchased with money from the library’s Hard Cover cafe. Barber said she brings out a Keurig and homemade biscotti’s for the kids on Friday’s and charges a dollar for each item.

In the past the money has been used to buy comfy chairs and high top tables.

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