ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Many are trying to figure out how to be wise with their money, especially during the upcoming winter and holiday months.

Megan DeCrosta is the Co-founder of Cut the Fiscal Fat. She started the organization with her husband to provide financial literacy since it’s usually not a part of the conversation at home.

“The major concern is it’s almost taboo,” she said. “People are afraid to talk about money. They’re afraid of what they don’t know, and it’s the fear of the unknown.”

So NEWS10 decided to chat with some folks to ask about their major financial concerns for the upcoming months and see if DeCrosta can help.

Rebecca Powers was surprised by how much her grocery bill increased.

“Before, I would go to the grocery store and come home [and used] $50, and now it seems to be $100,” Powers said. 

DeCrosta believes that food is a challenging issue since, no matter what, you have to pay for it.

“But what we like to do, is we like to cook once… eat twice,” she said. “So we like to buy products in bulk when you can…then you can prepare your meals and plan ahead of time. Either cook a meal and have leftovers the next day or repurpose for the following day.”

Some folks were concerned with credit card debt. Even though there is a lot of concern regarding credit card debt, DeCrosta encourages others to think from a different perspective.

“So what you should be doing is find a card with rewards. And that helps get you cash-back or good perks with groceries, which is a big one for us, too,” she said. “And when you do it like that — when you pay your bill in full — that’s what you should do.”

When it comes to holiday shopping, DeCrosta feels that it is better to spend more time with friends and family than spend money.

“If you do more sentimental gifts, handmade gifts, then they are more impactful, and then you have great memories or experiences,” she said.