ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Although its popularity has waned over the years, kerosene is still used to heat homes and businesses. But, according to Kerry Hoenig, operations manager at Family Danz Heating and Cooling in Albany, it’s hard to come by as of late and something you will not find their trucks carrying.

“It’s priced too high now for anybody to afford it and they’re not getting any shipments in at the port [of Albany] so we aren’t carrying it. As of now, we aren’t carrying it this winter,” Hoenig explains.

Heating your home this winter is expected to be more costly than in years past for both natural gas and electric, according to National Grid in September.

According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the price per gallon for kerosene in the Capital Region is hovering a cent above six dollars at $6.01. That’s a 66 percent increase compared to $3.88 a gallon last October. Similar trends are seen in the Hudson Valley and the North Country. Prices in the Hudson Valley are the highest in the state at an average of $6.59 a gallon as of October 3. New numbers are expected to be available on October 18.

The kerosene tank holds about 275 gallons and is primarily placed outside a home or business. If you can find the fuel for your tank, the cost to fill it could break the bank for some. But, according to Hoenig, there are alternatives like using a blend of #2 home heating oil and kerosene or outright switching to home heating oil. The tank can be used for both fuels. “I suggest home heating oil. We use a fuel additive in the tanks and that seems to work for my customers. So that the fuel is not freezing up in the winter with no gelling. So I suggest using a sub zero.” 

Hoenig says if kerosene shipments do make their way to the Port of Albany this fall and winter, depending on the prices, Family Danz will see what they can do for people who rely on the crude oil for heat.