TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — James White, who stands accused of killing 4 people inside a Lansingburgh home, is representing himself in the homicide trial. He got to speak with potential jurors directly alongside the prosecutors and judge. 

This is the second time his case is going to trial, after a mistrial was declared last year, partially because of the pandemic. 

Jury selection started Wednesday November 3 and continued through Monday, when it concluded in the afternoon. 

Both the prosecution and White got to question the prospective jurors. The prosecution was trying to gauge the group’s understanding of the law and the concept of reasonable doubt, and whether they will be held to a higher standard having practiced law, as opposed to the defense.

White questioned them on their ability to be impartial and fair toward the case after hearing and seeing graphic details related to children. Two of the homicide victims were five and 11 years old. He also asked about their attitudes toward police and whether any of them had seen previous news coverage about the case.

White is facing 9 counts of first degree murder and 4 counts of second degree murder. He’s also charged with burglary and robbery.

Prosecutors say White and codefendant Justin Mann stabbed the two women and two children to death. Mann had already pleaded guilty to his role in the murders and will spend the rest of his life behind bars. He testified against White in the 2020 trial.

Opening statements in the trial will likely happen Tuesday morning at Rensselaer County Court.