BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — One of the men charged with the 2019 killing of 22-year-old Gloversville woman, Allyzibeth Lamont, was sentenced Wednesday in Saratoga County Court. 36-year-old James Duffy will serve 18 years to life behind bars.

The sentence imposed on Duffy was much less than what the prosecution says Georgios Kakavelos will get. Duffy accepted a plea agreement in which he waived his right to appeal, and he also testified against Kakavelos during the trial.

Judge James Murphy told Duffy across the courtroom that he understands he took responsibility for his crime. However, he said he has never seen a witness speak as flatly and unemotionally about a horrendous criminal act as when Duffy described beating Lamont to death with a baseball bat during trial.

“Your testimony was chilling, and the lack of emotion that you showed in describing the testimony is equally chilling,” Judge Murphy said. He described how disturbing it was to hear Duffy describe “dragging her body, and driving her body to the exit 13 cloverleaf, burying her in the dirt on midnight on Halloween.”

Duffy’s statement to the court just before he was sent to prison for murdering Lamont was two sentences in length.

“Nothing I can say is going to bring back her. Allyzibeth isn’t coming back unfortunately, so I’m just going to say I’m sorry,” Duffy told the court.

Lamont’s family was not present in court Wednesday, but they will be speaking at Kakavelos’ sentencing. First Assistant D.A. Alan Poremba shared written statements from Lamont’s parents.

“Mr Lamont elaborated,” Poremba read, “‘we are very changed people. I cry all the time. It is a terrible thing to have to think about every day. And how everything is different now.’”

Poremba did point out that Duffy cooperated fully with the district attorney’s office in fulfillment of his plea agreement, and brought police to Lamont’s body.

However, both Poremba and judge did not understate the terrible pain and loss endured by Lamont and her family at the hands of Duffy.

Georgios Kakavelos is expected to be sentenced for his role in the killing of Allyzibeth Lamont on August 19.