WARRENSBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The mild and rainy weather causing ice jams on waterways across the region, leading to some localized flooding. In Warren County, an area of State Route 418 connecting Warrensburg and Thurman continues to be closed due to flooding from ice jams along the Hudson River.

Much of the Upper Hudson River in Warren County is still frozen, but the effects of warm and rainy weather can be seen by large piles of broken ice. “The Hudson River essentially has changed its channel because of all the ice that’s built up there by that bridge,” said Don Lehman, the Director of Public Affairs for Warren County.

That bridge carries State Route 418 between Warrensburg and Thurman, an area that’s been no stranger to the effects of ice jams, “Sometimes it’s lasted just a few days, a few times it’s been a week, two weeks even. It’s really hard to tell, it depends on what the weather does. We’ve got quite a bit of rain going on right now,” Lehman explained.

When the bridge is impacted, it can mean travel headaches for those in the area. “This is a main route across the Hudson for people,” said Lehman.

With the bridge shutdown as a portion of Route 418 is closed, those traveling from Warrensburg to Thurman have to travel north several miles along Route 28 to reach another crossing over the Hudson, before heading back south.

A section of River Road in Thurman is also blocked off as crews have continuously worked to clear several feet of ice from the side of the road.