(WETM) – During her first State of the State address on Wednesday New York Governor Kathy Hochul proposed expanding Gender “X” options to all public-facing state agency documents.

The proposal would expand the Gender Recognition Act signed in June 2021 to require all public-facing state agencies that collect gender information to include an “X” option.

Hochul says the proposal would support transgender and non-binary individuals so they can “have documents that accurately reflect their gender identity.”

The Gender Recognition Act requires on New York State-issued driver’s licenses, state IDs, and birth certificates provide M, F, and X options.

The Gender “X” marker and self-attestation for driver’s licenses is effective beginning June 24, 2022.

If you were born in New York City, you have had the ability to select M, F, or X on birth certificates since 2018, and if you were born elsewhere in New York, you have had this option since July 2020.