ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Having all the right tools for distance learning is very important right now. Google is rolling out its latest educational technology. It’s called ‘Teach from Anywhere.’ It has educational tools for teachers that’ll help them start a video call with her class, set up a website, or use captions with their video meetings.

Kids can also benefit because it is fun and engaging. But, it’s also for parents to learn about some of these tools so they can help their kids especially when it comes to homework.

“People might come with those questions to Google search pretty naturally. so we’re going to be bringing in features in the Google search,” said Molly VandenBerg, Google Tech Expert. “So if you search for a math related question, it might understand the underlying concepts of that problem and then be able to point you to resources that are going to walk you through it.”

Some features include teaching kids how to safely navigate the internet to taking virtual field trips, discover artwork, and more. The google tech expert I spoke to said these tools can really be useful if your child is learning to read. They have an app called read along which is super interactive.

“That’s excellent if your students are learning to read. They actually talk to the device in their own voice and it’ll correct them or give them praise when they’ve done really well. It can be a great self guided tool to help your child read maybe if you’re busy working from home yourself,” said VandenBerg.

Google’s Teach from Anywhere also has a curated collection on YouTube, which can also be useful in this remote learning environment.

This upcoming school year, Google can help with:

  • Your one-stop shop: Resources for teachers, schools and families 
  • Getting started: The basics of Google Classroom and its most important features
  • Homework help: Tools to help you tackle tricky questions
  • Staying safe online: Teaching kids how to navigate the internet
  • Fun educational tools: Ways to take virtual field trips, discover artwork, and more