CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some relief at the pump is finally here, with the temporary partial suspension on the state’s gas tax taking effect Wednesday. Those filling up in New York can expect to save 16 cents per gallon, and even more in areas offering additional tax breaks.

“Well every little bit helps, but it is a little bit,” said Michael Sweeney, traffic safety educator for AAA Hudson Valley.

With those 16 cents in savings, many stations across the Capital Region quickly dropped from the $4.80’s to the $4.60 to $4.70 range, saving drivers a few bucks per fill up, “You’re looking at, on a 15 gallon tank, $3,” Sweeney explained.

But depending on where you live, you could save even more. 23 counties across the state have also capped their local fuel tax, including Saratoga and Schenectady counties in the Capital Region.

Those filling up in both Saratoga and Schenectady counties will only be taxed on the first $2 per gallon. On top of the 16 cent savings from the state, this will save you a total of 24 cents per gallon.

With those types of savings, you may want to plan out your trips to ensure you get the best price if you need to get gas.

“It’s not worth driving all over town to find a better gas price, but certainly if you’re out and about and you wanna plan your route, think about where you might be, you might save 5 to 10 cents more per gallon by doing that,” said Sweeney.

But while many local stations were quick to lower their prices on Wednesday, others seemed to be lagging behind into Wednesday afternoon, some still close to $5 a gallon. AAA Hudson Valley says part of that could be waiting for information from their ownership or supplier.

“It always makes people wonder why it always goes up like a rocket and down like a parachute, and it is frustrating. But I don’t necessarily think it’s necessarily dishonesty, but probably just that they’re more motivated to raise than they are to lower,” Sweeney explained.

With no end in sight to high gas prices, AAA says another of factors can help improve fuel efficiency, including checking your tire pressure, using the air conditioning on the highway and driving more conservatively.