SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gaffney’s on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs has been temporarily closed by the city over issues with its permit. The closure comes after the bar was the center of another violent incident early Sunday morning.

Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino says a fight began inside of Gaffney’s in the early morning hours Sunday, before trickling out onto Caroline Street. During the altercation, a person was stabbed and a police officer was injured.

“My understanding from someone that was there, one group of three men got into an argument with another group of three men, some punches were thrown, a bouncer tried to break it up. In the course of the fight, somebody got stabbed,” Montagnino explained.

Police arrested three people on the scene. Each was charged with disorderly conduct, while one person was also charged with obstructing governmental administration. Montagnino says the stabbing victim was rushed to Albany Med with non-life-threatening injuries and is cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing.

This incident is the latest of a string of violence on Caroline Street, and another involving Gaffney’s. A 28-year-old was stabbed inside the bar on New Year’s Eve, and then in March, a large altercation that made its way outside onto the street injured three police officers.

“We’ve tried to come up with a plan of action that would lessen the likelihood of these situations occurring. So far, that apparently hasn’t been working,” said Montagnino, explaining that he’s had a number of conversations with the business owners about the issues.

As these issues persist, Gaffney’s future is uncertain. On Monday, Montagnino confirmed the bar had been ordered temporarily closed due to issues with their permit. He said there were also instances of checks from the business bouncing at City Hall.

The bar has also been charged with 13 alleged violations by the New York State Liquor Authority. After pleading not guilty to all 13, a hearing will be held this week on Thursday over five that were issued last November.

At this hearing, the full board could impose penalties, including fines of up to $10,000 per violation, and/or cancellation or revocation of the license, “Unless there’s some really major changes, their continued existence could come into question,” Montagnino said.

According to the SLA, Thursday’s hearing pertains to charges involving the business “becoming a focal point for police attention and a continued pattern of noise and disturbance at the premises.” If the license is canceled or revoked, the license will be terminated. However, a revocation would disallow the licensee to hold a license anywhere in New York State for two years.

A hearing for the eight additional alleged violations is in the process of being scheduled. These charges pertain to allegedly availing their license and operating a disorderly premises. The Liquor Authority is also investigating Sunday’s stabbing, working with the Saratoga Springs Police Department.

NEWS10 reached out to Gaffney’s about Sunday’s stabbing, but received no response. Following the brawl that resulted in the injuries of three police officers, the bar sent a statement in support of Montagnino’s calls to ensure the safety of Caroline Street, especially with the busier summer months approaching.

In the past, the public safety commissioner proposed cordoning off Caroline Street to ticketed individuals to ensure the safety of the area, an idea that’s received a mixed reaction. While there’s still uncertainty over that plan, Montagnino says the number of officers out on Caroline Street has increased, and will continue to do so.