JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local funeral home director went into the Johnstown City Court on Tuesday a free man, but he left in handcuffs. Brian Barnett pleaded not guilty to additional charges against him after decomposing bodies and human remains were found in his Johnstown business.

Barnett pleaded not guilty after facing multiple charges. His lawyer did not want to speak with NEWS10.

As the former funeral director walked into court, Lori Trigg was waiting to ask him if her husband’s ashes were the correct ones that she was given. “He answered me without hesitation: ‘Yes.’ The ashes I have are my husband’s,” Trigg said. “I believe him.”

In January, police found decomposing bodies and cremains at the Ehle Barnett Funeral Home in Johnstown. Barnett was arraigned in February and later released. He is facing 18 charges in total.

In court on Tuesday, the 35-year-old pleaded not guilty. He was charged with an additional three charges of grand larceny on top of the 15 he was already facing. Other charges include concealment of a corpse, failure to bury a body within a reasonable amount of time, endangerment of a child, and operating a funeral home without a license.

“I find it hard to believe that the state didn’t send someone there to check,” Johnstown Police Chief David Gilbo said. “If you’re going to shut down a funeral home they should have actually made sure there were no bodies. You know, that was left for us.”

According to Barnett’s attorney, he is being treated for mental health issues. However, Judge Traci DiMezza said Barnett failed to stay in touch with the court while he was in treatment. Chief Gilbo said he hopes Barnett gets better, but it does not excuse his actions.

“At the time, no thought was even given to the families,” he said. “Some of these cases, he was handing them ashes he knew was not their loved ones.”

The chief said all human remains have been identified, and they are still working on identifying cremated remains. As Lori Trigg held her husband’s ashes in hand, she hopes other families get some answers. “But if he’s proven guilty of these charges, obviously, he needs to pay,” she said.

Barnett was taken to Fulton County Jail where he was released on a $7,500 bond.