CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If there was ever a legendary anchor man, it would be Dick Wood.

From 1973 to 1991 Dick Wood was the face of NEWS10 ABC. Co-anchor Elisa Streeter says, during a time when newsrooms were extremely competitive even amongst colleagues, Dick’s kindness was always a breath of fresh air.

“He was always so upbeat and so positive. He just spread that kindness wherever he went, and I just remember thinking, what a way to lead a newsroom,” said Streeter.

And that kindness extended to those who were trying to break into the “news biz,” too.

NEWS10 anchor John Gray recalled how back in college he was asked to write a report on someone he admired in the news industry.

He said, “I reach out to this man I admire, Dick Wood. Thinking maybe he will take my phone call for two seconds. He says, ‘Come into the news station’. I come in here. He does the interview for like a half hour. Gives me a tour. Introduces me to everybody in the building and then stays in touch with me afterwards.
Some kid in college. He took that much time to encourage me, and it really meant a lot.”

NEWS10 Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo says Dick also helped him during a particularly tough time in his career.

“He said, ‘Steve hang in there. You’re good and you’re going to make it.’ And coming from Dick Wood, that meant a lot to me. And 32 years later, I’m still here,” said Caporizzo.

Dick Wood was born Richard Woodward in Marlboro, Massachusetts in 1930. He worked for several stations in the Northeast. Then, in 1973, he and his wife Kristin moved to Albany where Dick took command on the set as the lead anchor for WTEN, and he stayed on until his retirement.

Even after retiring, he kept very busy. He hosted a local radio jazz show and working as the trusted spokesperson for Quick Response Restoration.

A true professional, Wood received several awards and honors, but he was careful to never take himself too seriously. Like the time in 2009 when one of his former news stations reported that Dick had died.

Dick called the station himself to let them know he was still very much alive.

Marci Elliott, Wood’s former co-anchor says she didn’t know how the story got started.

“I have no idea how that rumor was started. He did have a great laugh about that. We all did.”

Elliott also spoke about how Wood could capture just about anyone’s attention with a story.

“He was a spectacular storyteller. So that every time you heard it you’d say, ‘Well, I heard this about a hundred times. But yeah, go ahead and tell me again.’”

Dick lived life to its fullest even into his 90s. During the pandemic, his wife surprised him with a parade of well wishers on his 90th birthday party.

It was with his wife and family by his side that Dick Wood entered eternal life on Friday, November 5. His colleagues and longtime friends say he will be remembered as a gentle man who genuinely loved people.

“He was just was great,” Elliott added. “The world is going to be a sadder place without Dick Wood gracing his presence.”

Wood was an Army veteran, and he will be laid to rest with full military honors at Saratoga National Cemetery.

A wake is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Our Lady of Assumption Church in Latham and a mass will also be held there on Wednesday at 10 a.m. After the service, Wood will be laid to rest at Saratoga National Cemetery. Contact Dufresne & Cavanaugh Funeral Home at (518) 785-8161.