FONDA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Heavy flooding led to a state of emergency in Fonda early this week, but that has just been lifted as of 10 p.m. Friday night.

Many people are still cleaning up the damage and preparing for future storms.

“It’s like a monsoon here,” said resident, Lindsey Ortiz.

For Lindsey Ortiz and her family their spacious backyard was a staple at their new home in Fonda. However, Mother Nature has not been on their side.  

“We had all this green space; he mowed the lawn excessively like two times a week. We had such a great time we had a fire pit but now its gone,” said she.

This past week the Village of Fonda has been hit hard with severe flooding. Parts of Broadway were completely underwater and covered with lots of mud and debris.

One creek behind the village overflowed and took out many backyards and basements.

“I never experienced something like this in my life, it was scary,” said Lindsey’s daughter, Lionela.

“The water busted through some fences and such, I never seen it do that before not in my lifetime,” said Mayor Bill Peeler.

Mayor Peeler declared the state of emergency on Monday and says there is still major clean up to be done.

On Thursday morning crews began trenching the creek, but Peeler says that’s not enough for the amount of water they’ve been getting.  

“This flooding issue is more than just the village it’s the the town and potentially the town of Johnstown as well. We have got to come up with a solution that’s permanent,” said Mayor Peeler.  

Ortiz says she is not taking any chances as more storms are expected to come in over the weekend.

“We’re going to get two dozen sandbags to try to barricade our storm doors that go down to the basement. We are hoping to try to save the basement,” said she.  

Mayor Peeler is asking residents to still remain alert as floods do come very quickly.