ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – 45 residents living at the Parkview Apartments in Albany were evacuated Sunday night after an electrical issue. Impacted tenants have been brought to area hotel rooms and will stay there until power is restored throughout the building.

Richard LaJoy, the Director of Albany’s Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance says this weekend’s frigid temperatures caused several burst pipes, leading to an issue with the power.

“The water actually made its way down into the main electrical room and shorted out one of the main panel boxes,” he explained.

That knocked out power on several floors, leading to an evacuation of those impacted, “The management company coordinated all the efforts, they got them rides to the hotels, they paid for the rooms and they’ll remain there until the power is back up,” LaJoy said.

The burst pipes also caused other issues, including flooding in some units.

With the arctic blast causing headaches like these, local insurance agents are stressing the importance of having coverage, “The renters insurance will have the ability to help in the situation, and hopefully take some of the worries and concerns about what’s next,” said Brendan Ketcham, a State Farm agent.

Ketcham says renters insurance is fairly inexpensive. He noted that having it covers the loss of personal property, and can also help to find accommodations in these types of scenarios.

“The loss of use provision in your policy will allow the insurance company to help find temporary housing,” he explained.

In this case, housing is being provided, with the property manager, CRM Rental Management, providing tenants with gift cards to cover food purchases.

However, this weekend’s incident sparked a number of complaints from residents over alleged recurring issues, including over hot water availability.

“They’re constantly turning the water for repairs, electric off for repairs, but nothing gets repaired. If you put a bandaid on something, that’s not curing it,” said Estelle Simmons, a resident at Parkview.

“It’s been 14 months, 14 months. I’ve had to shower at my child’s house, you know how embarrassing it is? I’m disabled, I have a hard enough life,” Diane Deitz, another tenant, told News10 Sunday.

LaJoy says the building does have hot water but that it’s “insufficient” on higher floors. He said CRM is working to alleviate that issue, noting that it can take up to two minutes for some tenants to get hot water.

Tenants who spoke with News10 Sunday also voiced concerns over the presence of bugs, rodents and other pests. LaJoy said a complaint was received, but that it was caused by a tenant, and that the management company has been working with exterminators to solve the issue.

LaJoy says CRM estimates Friday as a best case scenario for power to be restored throughout the building.

CRM sent News10 a statement saying their residents are the top priority. In part, they say management has been working with an electrical and engineering team “to expedite a solution so that our residents may return back to their homes as quickly as possible.”