LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As the busy holiday travel season continues, delays and cancellations have caused travel headaches for some airline passengers across the country. Despite these scheduling conflicts, passengers at Albany International Airport did not experience any cancellations this weekend.

On Monday, some families were saying goodbye after spending the holidays together, “Our family hasn’t been together in eight years, so definitely a great Christmas. We had an amazing dinner and it was a wonderful experience to come to New York,” said one passenger who visited his mom in Kentucky.

Others, returned home, “We went to Hawaii. My nephew is graduating from college, University of Hawaii, so our whole family gathered there,” said Michael Davis.

But this holiday travel season hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone. Multiple airlines had to cancel or delay thousands of flights throughout the holiday weekend.

Delta Air Lines, for instance, has canceled over 700 flights since Christmas Eve, attributing the scheduling issues to winter weather and the spread of the omicron variant. In part, the airline said the following in an update in their news hub:

“We apologize to customers for the delay in their travel plans. Delta people are continuing to work together around the clock to reroute and substitute aircraft and crews to get customers where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible.”

Delta Air Lines

Despite these nationwide issues, no cancellations impacted Albany Airport, with some traveling Monday saying they’re not concerned about any potential issues. Another traveler to Kentucky said, “Yeah, I think it’ll be OK, and we’re gonna make it home all right.”

While the Davis family, who had to take multiple flights to and from Hawaii, said they made sure to continue checking their flight statues along the way. “We monitored it carefully. There were a couple of short delays in a couple of places but we didn’t miss any flights,” said Laurie Davis.

A spokesman for Albany International Airport said their travel numbers also did not meet expectations. Ahead of the Christmas rush, the airport released a travel advisory telling passengers to expect more than 4,000 people to travel daily, when that number ended up averaging over 3,000. The spokesman says the dip could be a result of people changing travel plans because of COVID.