CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – That is the question on many Americans minds and NEWS10 taking it to the streets to find out how the Capital Region feels about the time changing practice.

In 1918 the federal government established the Daylight-Saving Time Law and had most Americans advancing their clocks by one hour in spring and falling back and an hour in the fall. 

In an effort of energy conservation and a desire to match daylight hours to the times when most people are awake the change was made. However, does it still make sense today?

NEWS10 asked dozens of folks do they love it, hate it, or does time change no matter.

There was a tie between those who say it doesn’t matter and those who say enough is enough. 20% of those asked say they are ok with it.

Engelke farm in Troy grows everything, from pumpkins to mums, to making their own donuts. They rely on the sun not the clock.

“While every day is unpredictable, overall, our schedule revolves around the sunlight, and the weather.

Regarding field crops/outdoor growing, it does not affect us at all as far as growing or yield rates. We could completely do without it,” said Kailyn Engelke.

And what does the New York Farm Bureau think about it?

“In general, the biggest hurdle is that dairy farms may have to adjust crew times for the milking of dairy cows. NYFB doesn’t have a policy position on the time change,” said Steve Ammerman Director of Communications with the New York Farm Bureau.

The Sunshine Protection Act was passed last March in the U.S. Senate but never made it to the House for consideration.

The time for daylights saving time may be coming to end.