CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A spooktacular house on Evergreen Avenue in Clifton Park has been digging up frights and casting spells of smiles. The Ray Family is behind the beloved Halloween display that’s become a neighborhood tradition.

The family moved into their home in 1994 and over time their Halloween decorations got bigger and bigger. When the last of their three daughters moved out three years ago, the couple thought it was time to retire the Halloween tradition… that was until they got a special card in the mailbox.

“The little kids down on the corner house and a couple of the other ones that live in the houses nearby made a homemade card saying, ‘hey we love your house it’s very scary .we like it, thank you for doing what you do,’ and so to this day we still have that card,” said Kurt Ray.

Kurt constructs and makes a majority of the decorations by hand. Being able to take them apart and store them easily is always at the forefront of his behind before he begins building.