MAYFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Sunday, Mayor Jamie Ward, of Mayfield in Fulton County, circulated a YouTube video titled “How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? #Masks4All.”

In the video, a Czech woman describes the steps taken in her country, one of the few in Europe to slow the exponential spread of the coronavirus. These steps include social distancing, self-isolation, handwashing, and disinfecting surfaces.

However, the major difference is that everyone who leaves the home must wear a mask. They don’t need an N95 respirator, but any sort of covering for the mouth and nose.

Although a homemade mask will not be as effective, it will be partially effective, according to two studies cited in the video.

As the virus has evolved, so have the CDC’s recommendations. In the beginning, the official word was that masks were unnecessary. Now, they suggest wearing a mask.

In the Czech Republic, masks are not a suggestion, but a requirement.

Health officials worldwide have increasingly realized that asymptomatic transmission—when an infected person who shows no symptoms passes along the coronavirus—plays a massive role in the spread of the contagion.