ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With the incoming winter storm set to dump several inches across the Capital Region, plow crews have been preparing to clear off roads when the storm begins. The storm is set to impact the region Monday night into Tuesday.

Early Monday afternoon, several trucks were at the New York State Department of Transportation’s salt shed in Latham, dumping dozens of tons of salt into the facility ahead of the storm.

“We’re Upstate New York, we weren’t going to get through winter without a couple of big snowstorms, so that’s what we’re looking at right now,” said Bryan Viggiani, Public Information Officer for Region 1 of the DOT.

Viggiani reminds drivers to take it slow if they’re out during the storm, and not to crowd snowplows.

“So if you wake up Tuesday morning, you’re planning to go to work, first thing I would do is, look out the window, check your local media, see what’s happened, see if the snow’s come in and plan accordingly,” he said.

While trucks of salt made deliveries Monday afternoon, much of the on the road work has already been done. Viggiani said recent snowfall, like the small impact dumping we had this weekend, has limited the need to brine.

“We did some, obviously some clearing there and put down some salt as part of that cleanup. So a lot of salt residue remains on the road, which lessens the need for brining,” he explained.

While the DOT hasn’t needed to brine, the City of Albany is using it to prepare its roads for the storm.

“We’re ready. It’s been kind of a mild winter, but we’re always ready for anything that it throws at us,” said Frank Zeoli, Deputy Commissioner of Albany’s Department of General Services.

Like Viggiani, Zeoli urges drivers to use caution, and also reminded residents to be prepared if the city has to declare a snow emergency, “It’s all gonna depend on how it falls and how well we can get it clean while it’s snowing to determine whether or not we call a snow emergency. I mean, if we get the higher end of this, it’s definitely a possibility, it’s always a possibility.”