WARREN, ESSEX COUNTY (NEWS10) — North of the Capital Region, thousands were still without power Wednesday afternoon due to heavy, wet snow taking down trees and powerlines. National Grid crews are working to get the lights back on, and distributing dry ice and bottled water to locals who need it.

John and Nancy Bennett of Chestertown stopped by the local fire department to pick up ice and water.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had this issue, but it’s a bummer,” John said. “We’re going on almost two days without power.”

“They just finally removed some trees out from the powerlines in front of my house and in front of my neighbor’s driveway,” said Pottersville resident Karen McAvey. “There’s just been a lot of heavy snow in that area. They estimate maybe by midnight tonight we’ll have power again.”

National Grid will be back at the Chestertown Fire Department from noon until 4 P.M. Thursday to distribute dry ice and water. The station will also be open as a warming station during these hours.

Most restoration in Warren County is expected by 12 P.M. Thursday.