COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The community of Colonie is mourning the loss of Destiny Greene, 15, of Latham, who died after being shot Monday night in Albany.

“Just a beautiful smile and a beautiful person.”

Shaker High School Principal Rich Murphy told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that he noticed how Destiny possessed a sense of maturity beyond her years during what would be a brief, but memorable conversation with the 10th grader.

“You know because not everyone wants to speak to the principal informally. And we just really had a positive conversation and I was so impressed. To the point where I asked her what activities she was involved in. And she was involved in a few. But I said, ‘You know, we really need to get you involved in more.’ Because she is just somebody who would add so much not only to herself but our school and what she could bring to the school,” said Murphy.

Murphy says Destiny was a remote student during the pandemic but had a strong connection to school and her classmates.

During a Tuesday press conference, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins said Destiny, who is from Colonie was in Albany Monday night as a passenger in a vehicle with another child and two adults.

A law enforcement Source tells NEWS10 that it was a planned meet-up as part of a Marketplace internet exchange, to sell something to an individual they met online and for some reason, that person opened fire.

“And during that meet, there was some sort of confrontation between Destiny’s group and two or three young men and shots were fired,” said Hawkins.

Back in Colonie the sudden loss is palpable.

North Colonie School District Superintendent Joe Corr says he is putting mental health staff in place to help remote and in-person learners cope with the loss.

“And when we lose someone in a manner that is so terrible as the way in which we lost Destiny that is exceptionally hard to process and accept,” said Corr.