COBLESKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Residents at Colonial Park in Cobleskill are voicing their frustration after going months under a continuous boil water advisory. The Schoharie County Health Department issued the advisory after high levels of E. Coli were discovered in the raw source water serving the trailer park.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s coming out out the tap and is it okay to brush your teeth with it,” said Patricia Delorme, a resident in the neighborhood.

Day-to-day tasks like brushing her teeth require the use of bottled water. She and her husband also use bottles to drink, fill up their coffeemaker and cooking, with Delorme noting she doesn’t want to use cooking in the tap water, even after it’s been boiled.

The boil water advisory was issued in late July after the health department found high levels of E. Coli bacteria in the raw source water, and that the wells are under direct influence of surface water.

However, the health department notes there has not confirmed a positive E. Coli sample in the drinking water after its undergone treatment.

Now in December, the dozens of residents living at the trailer park are still under the order, “Most people have just had enough of not having water that’s right,” Delorme explained.

E. Coli exposure can cause several health impacts, including diarrhea, vomiting, cramps and headache. The bacteria can also pose special health risks to infants, some elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

“That doesn’t sound good, it just doesn’t sound good, you worry. I’m glad I don’t have little kids anymore, I’d really be having to do something different. You put your little kid in a bath, they splash and they carry on and they get water where they don’t need to get water,” Delorme said.

As the boil water advisory continues, the county has given the property owners until July to come with a solution to the issue, “Normally, you can give them up to 18 months to come up with a solution, but because of the number of people that were affected, the County decided to give them 12 months,” said Bill Federice, Chairman of the Scoharie County Board of Supervisors.

A letter was sent to residents, and is posted at the entrance of the trailer park from the manager of the park.

It says in part, “even though it may look like nothing is being done on the outside, be assured that work is going on behind the scenes.”

News10 spoke with the park manager on the phone, who reiterates that she is very sensitive to the concerns of the residents. She says residents can expect a solution to be in place by the spring, once the weather is warmer.

Assemblyman Tague released the following statement in regards to the issues, “It is my understanding that the owner of Colonial Village Mobile Home Park has been cooperating and working very closely with all agencies to resolve the water contamination issues. Tapping into the Cobleskill water system may be one of the options. Further discussion will be needed with the health department and other agencies.”