BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The prosecution and defense rested their cases in the Georgios Kakavelos case Monday in Saratoga County Court. Kakavelos is accused of first degree murder in the death of his former employee, 22-year-old Allyzibeth Lamont, in 2019.

The prosecution argued the case was a murder-for-hire plot in which Kakavelos paid James Duffy, who pleaded guilty to the murder earlier this year, to have Lamont killed. The defense meanwhile argued that Duffy was the only one responsible.

Duffy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in April and testified against Kakavelos earlier in the trial.

The defense argued the murder, and subsequent aftermath, was fully orchestrated by Duffy, and that Kakavelos went along with the plan to protect his family.

Kakavelos’ attorney also painted Duffy as an unreliable witness, accusing of him of lying on multiple occasions and changing his account of what happened the night of the murder.

After the defense rested, the prosecution began by showing video of the defendant the night of the murder, which they argued corroborated Duffy’s account of the murder and its aftermath.

The assistant district attorney also pointed to Kakavelos’ debt as a financial motivator for him to carry through a murder-for-hire plot.

While testifying, Duffy said he struck Lamont in the head numerous times with a baseball bat. However, the prosecution argued Kakavelos covered her head during this time, saying there was no question this was a two-man operation that the defendant orchestrated.