SLINGERLANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Circulo Health announced the acquisition of Huddle Health Wednesday, a primary health care startup located in Slingerlands. Dr. Jacob Reider, the former CEO of Huddle Health and Alliance for Better Health, will become the general manager of the newly-acquired location, spearheading Circulo Health’s first expansion into the Capital Region.

“Offering a personalized primary health experience to our members, our locations will act as essential venues for facilitating world-class physical and mental health care; as a safe place where members and their health teams can forge meaningful relationships; and as community hubs where our members can lend and receive support as they pursue their health goals,” said Sean Lane, the CEO at Circulo Health.

With the acquisition, Circulo Health looks to transform the primary healthcare landscape in the Capital Region by prioritizing members’ long-term health, explicitly addressing social determinants of wellbeing. In doing so, the company will connect patients with a team of professionals who can address the full spectrum of both mental and physical health needs.

With their in-person, at-home, and virtual Huddle experiences, members can easily get the right care, from the right health professional, at the right time. With groundbreaking technology and compassion-driven approaches to health, Circulo is creating the future of health care for all people, with a special emphasis on the millions who rely on Medicaid.

Founded in 2021, Huddle Health is a value-based primary health care startup in the Capital Region. Guided by the principle that all should be afforded healthcare and the opportunity to lead healthier lives, founder Jacob Reider, M.D., is the former CEO of Alliance for Better Health and former Deputy National Coordinator of Health IT at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“We are adaptable to the people and are making sure that the most vulnerable populations have the same health care options as those in the most affluent populations. These shared ideals will create a better medical experience for those we already serve, and those we look forward to serving,” Dr. Reider said in a statement.