Crowds lined the street this afternoon to honor and celebrate those who answered the call to serve. Joel Strasser, Albany, said he loves attending the Veteran’s Day Parade in Albany.

“I have been coming about every year over here,” he said. “And yeah..the parades here are excellent every time I come here.”

This year’s veteran’s day parade in Albany was filled with music, marches, and families who all wanted to do one thing- to honor our veterans. Aye, Moe and Natasha Siegkani go to Albany High School and are a part of the Junior ROTC. They were both grateful that they had the chance to be a part of it along with others.

“It was an honor for us to march -represent the veterans that fought for us,” Siegkani said.

Joey Troncone is a Christian Boys Academy (CBA) student who was also able to march in the parade. He said that he was excited that he had the chance to walk through the streets of Albany with his classmates.

“It was a really cool experience,” he said.

Alex Stabinski is also a student at CBA and was happy that he was able to represent veterans since he comes from a military family.

“I had people in my family who serve, and it’s just nice to come out here… and you,” he said.

For Julia Cannizzaro, it has been a tradition for her while living in Albany.

“I’ve been a resident of Albany, New York, most of my life. And the Veteran’s Day parade is my favorite parade, and I just love coming out,” Cannizzaro said. “And seeing all of the veterans, the families, the high school, the bands, and everyone celebrating, who should we all be celebrating today.”

The parade also started a new tradition for the next generation. Honesty Tolliver and Evelina Troncone are in elementary school. Evelina Troncone was excited to see her brother walking in the parade.

“I went to a few parades, but this one was really cool,” Troncone said.

Honesty Tolliver was happy to go since her aunt is also in the military.

“I’ve been to this parade a few times since I was two years old,” she said. “Since my Aunt is in the military, I have been going for her.”

Many came prepared for rain, but fortunately for them and those marching …the weather held up so the celebrations could continue for everyone.