LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the issue of catalytic converter thefts continues to sweep across the nation, another local business was hit early Wednesday morning. A box truck at Mr. Ding-A-Ling in Latham had its catalytic converters stolen overnight, rendering the vehicle used for deliveries out of commission for weeks.

“My delivery driver comes in at 6 a.m. and he immediately called me and says, ‘Brian I think someone took the catalytic converter, it sounds like a tank.'” said Brian Collis, the owner of Mr. Ding-A-Ling.

The truck is used to deliver ice cream to drivers across the region. Collis says he won’t be able to get it serviced until the second week of November.

“For $200 worth of rhodium, I lose $2,000 worth of business,” he said.

In the decades the business has kept its fleet in Latham, the owner says this is the first time a catalytic converter was stolen.

To keep the ice cream flowing, Collis says they will likely rent a refrigerated truck, “$200 a day to rent a truck, so if we rent it for 10-12 days, we run into a lot of money.”

The theft was caught on surveillance camera and the Colonie Police Department was notified about the incident.

Thefts have increased over the years as the price of converters has increased.

“What’s driven the price so high is the demand in the market for platinum group metals,” said Eugene Sandul, owner of YS Catalytic Recycling.

Metals like rhodium, which help the car put out cleaner emissions. As the uptick in thefts continues, YS Catalytic Recycling has a number of safeguards in place.

“If someone comes in here, with any suspicion that the converter did not come off of their own vehicle, then we question it. If there’s no answers to these questions, if they can’t provide proof of ownership, we just deny the service,” Sandul explained.

Earlier this week, Governor Hochul signed legislation in an effort to curb thefts.

The law requires vehicle dismantlers to keep and report records of the number of converters they receive. Dealers selling new vehicles will also be required to have etching kits to give each part a unique serial number.