AMSTERDAM, N.Y.(NEWS10) – With over 100 million Americans watching the Super Bowl, safety on the roadway is a big concern.

Sunday night, NEWS10 was allowed to cruise the streets with Sergeant Corridon Lapati of the Amsterdam police department to see how Big Game Day safety was being implemented.

The New York State Police reported nearly 11,000 tickets issued and almost 200 DWI arrests during last year’s big game. Officers here in Amsterdam are hopeful for less.

“We’re hoping of course like always that we don’t get one tonight right that’s our hope,” said Lapati.

Officers have one thing on their game plan, tonight.

“Number one concern is safety. Everyone’s safety,” said Lapati.

The first stop was for someone who had made a left turn without their blinker on.

“He’s perfectly sober so I’m going to send him on his way to enjoy super bowl,” said Lapati.

The second stop was to assist another officer on his call.

The next stop was for a person speeding and our final stop was for a person driving on a suspended license.

“This is an unclassified misdemeanor we’re just going to process him on scene. He’s going to have to get a ride from the scene,” said Lapati.

That is not the case if you are driving intoxicated.

“The one-time offender, first offense we got to go through our process by having them provide a breath sample, blood sample. We issue some tickets, okay. Then usually they’re released to a sober third party,” said Lapati.

And you could face up to $10,000 in court fees. All in all, the police want everyone to enjoy the Big Game responsibly.

“Be responsible for yourselves be responsible for your actions and be responsive for your friends if you see anyone that you feel should not be driving don’t let them behind the wheel,” said Sergeant Lapati.