EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Whether you like it or not, the first snow accumulations are headed this way. NEWS 10 seeing how some communities are getting ready to tackle snow removal.

In the town of East Greenbush, General Foreman Jeff Nestler telling NEWS 10 all things are checking out just fine.

“All our trucks are all set mechanically and physically, the best we can tell. We should have no problem pushing snow or salting and keeping the road safe for all the people.”

Nestler saying they have quite a bit of territory to cover.

“We will have all our trucks out which is eight trucks, so we split 78 miles of town in between eight routes.”

Even with staffing issues persisting in many industries locally, here he says crews will be out in force.

“We do it until it’s done as long as the EMS and the cops can get wherever they need to go we’re on hand.” 

And, he says the crews can clear the roadways quickly.

“After the last snowflake, five and a half hours to have every street normally tended to without breakdowns or anything else.”

When driving on the roads or preparing for plows to be out and about, Nestler has a few tips for drivers.

“Stay off the streets, get your vehicles in your driveways. Keep your garbage cans out of the ways of the plows. Give him room plenty of room stay out of their way; they’re only trying to do their job.”

And doing that job might be more difficult with new Federal regulations requiring more stringent permitting and licensing requirements.

Nestler telling NEWS10 it is harder and more costly to obtain a Class B commercial driver license.

“The price just to attain your license is probably going to be $5,000 or better.”

Town of Clifton Park Superintendent of highways Dahn Bull agreeing, saying federal regulations have increased the amount of financial burden on anyone looking to get a CDL.

The superintendent fears in the current transportation crunch, and increase in regulations, this is a recipe for driver drought.