Capital Region, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The violence at our nation’s Capitol has impacted all of us, including those who were in Washington D.C. when it all unfolded. “I won’t even call it a protest as much as it was people rallied in Washington D.C. to support election integrity,” said Liz Joy.

Joy is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and a Republican who ran for, but lost her bid for U.S. Congress. She joined bus loads of others from the Capital Region to attended the rally in D.C. to support Donald Trump.

She says she only learned about the breach at the capitol as she and others were boarding their bus back home. “While we were walking over there a passerby said that somebody had been shot in the Capitol,” she added. “I saw a rally, turn into a protest, turn into a riot.”

Jack Carpenter of Capital Region online media outlet Two Buttons Deep was also on his way back to Albany, but turned around to cover what he heard was unfolding. He captured video of hundreds of people on the capitol steps, some scaling the walls.

There are many who have called the violence and vandalism an insurrection.

But, UAlbany professor Victor Asal calls it something else: “It’s incitement. But to me an insurgency is when you have an ongoing military violence and killing between rebels and government officials. And thankfully, Anya we are not there yet.”

The expert on terrorism and Homeland Security says the violence has created instability, and he put the blame on President Trump. “Encouraging people who might have been passive extremists with very dangerous ideologies to become more active,” said Asal.

Liz Joy disregards that notion, saying she and others feel those who stormed the capitol may not have been true Trump supporters. “I think that there was infiltration by extremist groups.”

Jack said of the day and the videos and photos from inside the Capitol, “Those images are horrifying and I think they will haunt America for generations to come and we only hope that it will never happen again.”