ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A bobcat has been photographed walking the grounds of St. Alphonsos Cemetery in Tupper Lake. This isn’t the first time big cats were seen in NY.

Photos of the bobcat were released on September 12. According to an article on Patch, a bobcat was seen in Rye Brook in Westchester County in February 2022. Bobcats are naturally reclusive animals which is why it’s rare to have a sighting, experts say. Although big cats don’t usually pose much danger to humans, it’s smart to close garages and make homes less inviting so they don’t seek warm shelter.

Bobcat spotted in St. Alphonsos Cemetery in Tupper Lake (Photo: Rebecca Klimek)

In an article from NYup, a bobcat was seen in Oriskany Falls and one in Albany County that was shot in 2016. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, bobcats occupy a little more than one-quarter of New York based on information from a late 1970s survey.