ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – UAlbany students continued moving back onto campus this weekend ahead of the fall semester. With several precautions in place, including mandatory vaccinations for those living on campus, students say they’re confident for the upcoming year.

“People talk about old UA, people talk about new UA, then there’s COVID UA. I feel like we’re getting back to old UA, it feels like 2019 right now, it’s coming in very strong,” said Tyriq Johnson, a graduate student graduating this spring.

Students hoping to get a more typical college experience this year, after last year’s challenges.

“Last year was kinda tough. Pretty isolating, all online classes. I was on campus but I didn’t have any in-person, so it was definitely a different experience last year compared to this year,” said Emily Lyons, a sophomore.

Lyons is also looking ahead to some other opportunities that have been available for students before the pandemic.

“I’m hoping to study abroad, so hopefully that can happen in the next three years,” she explained.

Incoming freshmen are also hopeful this semester can be the start of four normal years.

“I did the whole online classes stuff, it’s okay, but being in-person is much better,” said Sean Crimi.

Everyone living on campus must be at least partially vaccinated by the time they move-in. Students say the mandate gives them peace of mind as they look ahead to the upcoming year.

Masks are also required indoors for all, regardless of vaccination status, while students who are not yet fully vaccinated will be subjected to weekly surveillance testing.

“Definitely feels good to know that it’s safe here and that we’re going to be ready for the next four years, hopefully,” Crimi said.

Precautions in place to keep students in the classroom and on campus, with seniors hoping to be able to walk across the stage for a normal commencement this coming spring.

“Full capacity, I need to throw my cap up in the air, I need to do all of that. People want their families to come out and everything, to that, a lot of people didn’t get that, really hoping we can get that back again this year,” said Johnson.

This year’s move-in process also had numerous precautions in place, including scheduling their move and limiting people indoors at a time to promote social distancing.

The fall semester gets underway with the first day of classes this coming Monday.