BROOKLYN (NEWS10) — Attorneys for former actress Allison Mack are asking the judge for a sentence without incarceration so she can continue the studies she began while on house arrest. The former “Smallville” star’s sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30 at 11 A.M. in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with the Capital Region-based cult NXIVM. The guidelines suggest a sentence of at least 14 years in prison.

A memorandum filed by Mack’s defense details what is now remorse and guilt over-involvement with NXIVM and cult leader Keith Raniere. While on house arrest, Mack obtained an associate’s degree and is enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program. Her lawyers are asking for a sentence without incarceration so she can continue her studies.

Recently filed court documents include a letter written by Mack, in which she apologized for pushing away those who fought to show her the truth about Raniere.

The prosecution has suggested the judge sentence Mack with leniency because of her cooperation with their investigation into Raniere, and the audio recording she turned over that included Raniere detailing the process of women in his “inner circle” being branded with his initials.