ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The community is mourning the loss of 31-year-old Tyrome Wallace, who was stabbed to death inside his Washington Avenue apartment Monday night. Wallace was an up and coming local chef who had spent years working in Albany restaurants.

“It was heartbreaking to read that this morning, when I found out,” said Dominick Purnomo, the co-owner of Yono’s.

Purnomo says the 31-year-old had worked on and off at the restaurant for about a decade, starting as a line cook and proving himself in the industry, “He came to work every day and wanted to contribute and to make a difference. It’s still something that I think a lot of us here are trying to wrap our heads around.”

Tyrome also worked for the Hollow Bar & Kitchen in Albany, with the owner posting a touching tribute on Facebook in part, “Tyrome was one of the most talented chefs we’ve had on the line to date.”

Wallace was even recognized as a rising star in the industry during a recent Albany Chef’s Food and Wine Festival.

“We were hoping that that would’ve been his time to sort of catch his star and move forward,” Purnomo said.

But tragically, Wallace’s life was cut short Monday night. The 31-year-old was found in his Washington Avenue apartment with stab wounds. After being treated by medical units on scene, he was transported to Albany Med, where he was pronounced dead.

Outside of the kitchen, Purnomo says Wallace was also a loving father to several children, “The fact they have to grow up now without a father, it’s devastating.”

Albany Police are continuing to investigate Monday’s homicide. Through their investigation, they’ve determined that those involved in the incident knew one another.

Anyone with information surrounding this incident is asked to contact the Albany Police Detective Division. That number is 518-462-8039. You can also leave an anonymous tip online with Capital Region Crime Stoppers. To access that website, you can click here.