ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Tuesday, Albany officials declared a state of emergency and emergency orders as the state readies itself for an influx of migrants. The emergency orders do not prevent migrants from entering the county but are meant to allow resources to be allocated toward a collaborated and coordinated solution.

The announcement comes after other counties in the Capital Region including Rensselaer and Warren Counties declared States of Emergency. In a statement, County Executive Daniel McCoy addressed the current housing crisis and how a surge in migrants would exacerbate housing shortages.

McCoy wrote, “Allowing for the transportation of busloads of migrant families within our County communities without a plan and without clear communication does not protect our residents and it does not protect the migrant families seeking asylum. The Orders ensure that our residents have information and notice of what is happening relating to migrants entering our communities and also provide assurances that require a deliberate plan capable of execution.”